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The following questions are asked and contemplated by many religious and secular people, but usually never answered truthfully, mainly due to lack of knowledge or outright rejection of the Almighty One's word.

The Almighty One's word is a two-edged sword which cuts asunder between truth and error.

His sheep hear His voice, and they follow Him.


Questions & Answers

  1. Who created man? The Father and His Son ..."Let Us make man in Our image..." Gen. 1:26
    Angels are servants, not co-creators with the Father. Evil spirits lie against the truth when saying they created man as was believed in times past, and now the same deception is accepted today among the wicked and vain people of the earth.
  2. Is the Son of Yah mentioned in the Scriptures other than the New Covenant books? Yes, in Proverbs 30:4
  3. Who was Abraham? Firstly, he originated from Ur in Sumeria and was born nearly 300 years after Noah's flood and was a Hebrew, among the earliest of ancient peoples on the earth. The Creator separated Abraham from his ancestors and was commanded to move west of the Euphrates to a land bordering the Mediterranean Sea. There, he was instructed in the ways of the Creator and corrected from the falsehoods whence he came. Pure religion was manifested to him and his seed from thenceforth. Other nations have always developed religions of their own, based on truths mixed with lies, but true and undefiled religion came first and foremost before all others combined.
  4. What distinguishes the religion (way of life) of Abraham and his seed from all other religions? To Abraham and his seed were given a "manifest destiny" by the Spirit of Prophecy, directly from the Creator Himself. The destiny of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob as a continuous chosen seed was prophesied from beginning to end, in minute detail.
  5. What of Abraham and Noah...were they alive during the same time period? Abraham was 75 years of age when he entered the land of Canaan, 17 years after Noah's death. Therefore, all the peoples of the earth were knowledgeable about the flood and of Noah's existence in that time period, as they were all descendants of him.
  6. Did the Almighty One create evil and why? Isaiah 45:7 Yes, for the purpose of distinguishing between opposites, such as joy and sorrow, pleasure and pain, life and death, peace and war, love and hate, etc., without which there would be no knowledge or wisdom gained. The Almighty One purposely planted the tree of the knowledge of good and evil in the garden of Eden, that our eyes (understanding) may be opened.
  7. Do we have free will? Philippians 2:13 No, only the Almighty One has free will; for it is the Almighty One who makes us to will and to do of His pleasure.
  8. Are we predestined? Yes; either as vessels of honour, or vessels of dishonour.
  9. Can we choose the Almighty One? No man comes to the Father, except the Father draw him through His Son Yahshua.
  10. Does every one go to Heaven? Only the chosen go there.
  11. Do some children go to She'ol? Yes. We are born with a sinful nature, and unless we repent and acknowledge the meaning of deliverance, there is no escape. The Almighty One has mercy on whom He will.
  12. Why is there suffering on earth? It is part of the evil which the Almighty One created, so that we may acknowledge His deliverance from it.
  13. Are the Jews the only Yisra’ĕlites? There are other non-Jewish Yisra’ĕli tribes, and they were scattered by an east wind blowing west. Isaiah 27:8
  14. Who and where are the lost tribes of Yisra’ĕl? The Anglo-Saxon, Celtic, Scandinavian, and kindred people of Western Europe and beyond are the so-called lost tribes, regardless of what the Jewish rabbis propagate to the contrary, for they teach that all Yisra’ĕli tribes are Jewish, which is a lie.
  15. What distinguishes the Jews of Judah from the other non-Jewish Yisra’ĕli tribes? Essentially, the Jews were captives of Babylon and have always retained their identity as being of the house of Judah; whereas, the non-Jewish Yisra’ĕli tribes were captives of Assyria and have also retained their identity, howbeit under different linguistic appellations during their westward migrations to present day Europe and beyond.
  16. Is the Good News of deliverance only for Yisra’ĕlites? It is for Yisra’ĕlites and anyone else whom the Almighty One chooses. Yahshua has predestined a remnant from every tribe, race and nation to be engrafted into the vine of Yisra’ĕl.
  17. Which four books of the Scriptures comprise the Old Covenant (the Torah of Moses)? Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers, Deuteronomy.
  18. Are the Ten Words part of the Torah of Moses? No, because they were written with the Almighty One's finger; whereas Moses' Torah was hand-written.
  19. Where do souls go after death? To Heaven or She'ol.
  20. What does it mean to be filled with the Set-apart Spirit? It means that His word lives in us.
  21. What is the name of the Son of Yah? Yahshua.
  22. Did Ephraim become a multitude of nations, as prophesied by his father Jacob? Yes, the English commonwealth nations of Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Great Britain, and South Africa have fulfilled that prophecy. Gen 48:19
  23. Who is responsible for the development of the current world government? The Western nations (the house of Yisra’ĕl) in collusion with Edomite and Yisra’ĕli Jews. Esau in his treachery, is stealing portions of our possessions and wealth, because we let him, as he deceitfully calls himself the "chosen people".
  24. How many world governments are near to fulfillment? Two...the first world government will be ruthless and evil, directed by the Anti-Mashiach, and he will treacherously scatter the power of the Yisra’ĕlite nations; the second will transpire at the Second Coming of the King of kings - Yahshua, thereby replacing the first government with His own everlasting dominion.
  25. What is the purpose of man's existence on earth? It is two-fold: For the wicked vessels of dishonour, it is to eat, drink, be merry, and rebel against the truth until their final everlasting punishment is meted out in the lake of fire; and for the chosen vessels of honour, it is to know and understand the perfect will of their Master, serving and obeying His every command unto everlasting existence in His presence. He will inhabit the praises of His chosen ones throughout His own eternity, for the blessings He bestows upon them forever and ever. No other name will be exalted and glorified, save His own precious Name, and that of His Father.
  26. Will the Anti-Mashiach be the false Mashiach of Yisra’ĕl, Judah and the world? Yes, for a temporal time.
  27. What are some of the signs to watch for, heralding the return of the true Mashiach? The re-building of a Temple on Mount Moriah with the Anti-Mashiach sitting therein, falsely proclaiming that he is the Almighty One. The time of Jacob's trouble will commence at that event.
  28. Are flying saucers demons roaming the earth? Their abode is here on earth, and they manifest in many forms. In addition, similar flying machines are secret craft used by the military or government, and are not the same genre as the so-called UFOs which have been wandering for thousands of years.
  29. How do demons deceive most humans? Because demons are eternal beings roaming the earth, they've learned to speak earthly languages, pretend to be dead relatives or people, even speak like and resemble both in character and appearance those that have passed away, and because they have the ability to roam the earth and have been on earth for several thousands of years, they can and do know the intimate secrets of events or of personal lives of individual humans - past and present. Demons were given certain powers by Yahshua to perform some miracles, thereby deceiving the gullible with signs and wonders, which only the chosen righteous can discern as the work of Satan. Magicians, soothsayers, shamans, examples, dabble with limited supernatural powers and are deceived therewith.
    There are different ranks of demons, and many cloak themselves in different forms when manifesting to certain humans.
    Throughout recorded history, manifestations of demons were and are known as leprechauns, dwarfs, ghosts, UFO's (otherwise known as principalities of the air), and other entities too numerous to mention, even pretending to be Yahshua, the virgin Mary or other "saints", propagating lies and errors.
    Their mission is to deceive, steal, kill and destroy. Also, they can introduce thoughts into our minds, thereby manipulating the direction in which we think and react, according to the will of Yahshua toward those predestined to be deceived. Some demons will possess certain humans or animals and torment them physically and spiritually.
    The vast of humanity are and will be deceived by demons and Satan, but the righteous chosen are blessed with true knowledge and wisdom, thereby escaping the guiles and wiles of the evil forces.
  30. What were some of the physical characteristics of human giants in times past? Their average heights ranged between 10 to 30 feet, usually had 12 toes, two rows of teeth (upper and lower), and many weighed over 1000 pounds.
  31. Is there such a thing as pre-history? Man has recorded events since the first civilization began east of the Euphrates, shortly after the Flood.
  32. Is evolution a hoax? Absolutely; it was an invented lie to discredit the word of the Almighty One.
  33. What forces were unleashed and present during and shortly after Noah's flood? Yahshua split open the earth crust in various areas throughout the world; land masses sank, rose and shifted in many regions, and the whole earth was in convulsion, shaking and twisting to create the many geological features present today. Simultaneously, the seas of waters deep beneath the earth (the fountains of the deep) gushed out from the earth crust under high pressures to great heights and combined with rain from above, quickly inundated the entire earth surface. As the flood receded, the landscapes continued to change with torrents of water moving about, gouging, scraping and pounding the earth environment with new features and formations to behold. 
  34. Is the earth a globe or a flat plain? Consider water, how it naturally levels itself. If the earth had any degree of downward curvature, then it stands to reason that water would flow downward as well, as occurs on steep slopes or mountainous terrain, and even so-called "gravity" could not hold it back.
    If the earth is a globe, then all the oceans on top would naturally flow below, which therefore explains why the earth cannot be a globe.
  35. Can science prove the existence of the Almighty One? The Almighty One is a Spirit, and science is the study of what can be observed in the natural world.
  36. Is the firmament above the earth infinite? No, there are boundaries set by the Almighty One.
  37. Did the Son of Yah always exist? There was a time when His Father was alone.
  38. Who is the first creation of the Father? Yahshua, for He is the only begotten of His Father. Col 1:15
  39. What makes the Scriptures the word of the Almighty One? It is confirmed by the fulfilment of His prophecies; for the testimony of Yahshua is the Spirit of prophecy.
  40. How old is the earth? Over 6000 years old. It is possible to calculate the approximate age via recordings in the Scriptures.
  41. What day is the Sabbath? On the 7th day; from Friday sundown to Saturday sundown.
  42. Who created the world? The Father commanded His Son Yahshua to create all that there is, visible and invisible.
  43. When is Yahshua returning? After the tribulation; or 3½ years after the Anti-Mashiach has revealed himself in the Temple; we know not the hour or day, but we know the season. He will come down from Heaven on a white horse with His chosen ones, and His glory will shine from the east to the west, and He will make war with the Anti-Mashiach and his kingdom, and will conquer them.
  44. Is sin relevant in today's world? The worldly man says there is no Almighty One, and the wicked man uplifts his heart in arrogance and pride; but he shall be brought low, even unto She'ol.
  45. How was Hĕlĕl (Satan) changed from a perfect creature to an evil one? The Almighty One created an evil thought in Hĕlĕl (Satan)'s heart which caused him to rebel. It is the Almighty One who creates evil. The Almighty One is in all, through all and above all. The Almighty One created evil in order that His goodness be manifested and understood.  How else can you say that the Almighty One is good, unless you know what evil is.
  46. What is the will of the Almighty One for the chosen qodesh? It is to fear the Almighty One, and obey His words and doctrines. Fear no other creature or circumstance. Study the Scriptures and be filled with His Word.
  47. Are we all the Almighty One's children? There are two families on earth - the just and the wicked. Deliverance from sin and wickedness is a gift from the Almighty One to His chosen elect.
  48. Who is Yahshua? He is the first born of every creature, begotten by His Father. Col 1:15
  49. Is there more than one path to the Almighty One? No man comes to the Father except through His Son Yahshua. He is the straight and narrow way to the Father. Many seek other paths to the Almighty One, but in vain.
  50. What Scriptural Hebrew names or titles pre-dated those of pagan origin? Yah instead of The Lord; the Almighty One instead of God; Yahshua instead of Jesus;  Messianite instead of Christian; Master instead of Lord; Mashiach (Messiah) instead of Christ.
  51. Was Yah lonely before the creation of all things?  Yes. Yah said that it was not good for Adam to be alone Genesis 2:18, and that Adam was created in the Almighty One's image Genesis 1:27. Therefore the Almighty One created Eve for Adam, and they both became one in marriage and union; Adam was no longer alone. In similar fashion, so it was with the Almighty One; He created for Himself a bride named Yisra’ĕl, and therefore the Almighty One will never again be alone and lonely.
  52. Was the Torah of Moses accomplished? The following verses will answer to the affirmative: 1Co 10:25-27 You eat whatever is sold in the meat market, asking no questions because of conscience, for “The earth belongs to Yah, and all that fills it.” And if any of the unbelievers invite you, and you wish to go, you eat whatever is set before you, asking no question on account of the conscience.
  53. In what manner was the Torah of Moses accomplished? It was nailed to the stake with Yahshua, after being fulfilled by Him. It was replaced with Yahshua's New Covenant, as prophesied in Jer 31:31.
  54. Which four laws of Moses must still be adhered to, even though the others were accomplished? see Acts 21:25
  55. What does the New Covenant say about the law of Moses? Gal 5:4 You who are declared right by Torah have severed yourselves from Mashiach, you have fallen from favour..
  56. Was Paul a false teacher as many propose? Paul was ordained by Yahshua to teach His word which hardened the hearts of the many who wrestled the truth unto their own damnation, as is being done today.
  57. Was it the Father or His Son who spoke to the children of Yisra’ĕl during the Old Covenant era? It was His Son Yahshua, for He is the spoken word of His Father, and the Two are One.
  58. Is the land of Yisra’ĕl only for Jews? A portion of the land (Judea) was allotted to Judah, but an even larger share belong to the other non-Jewish Yisra’ĕli tribes. The day will come when the other tribes will inherit their rightful place along-side Judah, and the two will be reunited as one people under one King.
    The Jews and the other non-Jewish Yisra’ĕli tribes coordinate their efforts to reclaim the whole land of Yisra’ĕl by inspiration of the King of kings - Yahshua, whether acknowledged or not.
    The Yisra’ĕli Jews and their kin-folk the non-Jewish Yisra’ĕli tribes cannot exist as a people and nation without each other. Generational teachings to the contrary cannot replace this truth. Fraternal hatreds and wars must and will come to an end soon, and peaceful co-existence will occur in the not-too-distant future.
  59. When the time comes for the other non-Jewish tribes to return to the land of Yisra’ĕl, will they need to convert to Judaism before their entry? Judaism is the rabbinical religion of some Jews, but the day will come when the religion of Yahshua based on His new covenant will be the only true way of salvation among the inhabitants of the Promise Land, and Judaism will cease to exist at that period of time.
  60. What of the other religions currently established in the Promise Land, will they be evicted or destroyed at the return of the Mashiach? Every false altar, doctrine, festival, etc. will be cleansed out of the land of Yisra’ĕl at that time. including the adherents of Islam, the Catholic and Protestant faiths, Judaism, and every evil doer who abhors righteousness.
  61. What are the true land boundaries of Greater Yisra’ĕl, as ordained by Yahshua? The land that was allocated to the 12 tribes of Yisra’ĕl stretch from Mount Hermon in the north to the wadi of Egypt in the south, and from the Mediterranean Sea in the west to the river Euphrates in the east.
  62. What  is the solution to the current Palestinian conundrum, and should world opinion matter? The Palestinians have no right to the land of Yisra’ĕl, and eventually will be evicted or killed. In addition, foreign armies are predestined to invade Yisra’ĕl in the near future, and their (foreign armies) outcome will be annihilation. The following Scriptural excerpts are relative:

    Zep 2:5 Woe to the inhabitants of the seacoast, the nation of the Kerĕthites! The word of Yah is against you, O Kena'an, land of the Philistines, “And I shall destroy you, so that there is no inhabitant.” Zep 2:6 And the seacoast shall be pastures, shepherds’ meadows and enclosures for flocks. Zep 2:7 And the coast shall be for the remnant of the house of Judah. They shall feed their flocks on it, at evening they lie down in the houses of Ashqelon. For Yah their Almighty One shall visit them and turn back their captivity. Zep 2:8 “I have heard the reproach of Mo’ab, and the revilings of the children of Ammon, with which they have reproached My people, and exalted themselves against their borders. Zep 2:9 “Therefore, as I live,” declares Yah of hosts, the Almighty One of Yisra’ĕl, “Mo’ab shall be like Sedom, and the children of Ammon like Amorah – a possession for weeds and a pit of salt, and a waste forever, the remnant of My people plunder them, and the rest of My nation possess them.” Zep 2:10 This is what they get for their pride, because they have reproached and exalted themselves against the people of Yah of hosts. Zep 2:11 Yah shall be awesome to them, for He shall make all the mighty ones of the earth to shrivel, while all the coastlands of the nations bow down to Him, each one from his place.

  63. The world has a term in which it is said that "God is good", but isn't there something more to say? The true Almighty One also creates evil and makes war with evil doers, for no one resists His will.
  64. What is the true meaning of "chosen people"? It is the Almighty One magnifying His name through vessels of His choosing, and not because of any self-righteousness on "our" part. Many are called and few are chosen, even among the Yisra’ĕli nations. It is natural for non-believers to be jealous and hateful regarding "our" calling, because they are children of darkness and the true Light does not abide in their hearts. Every branch that does not bare righteous fruit will be pruned and burned in everlasting fire.
  65. Who determines what is right or wrong? He who rules as Supreme Being and is Creator of all good and evil.
  66. Is the Almighty One a figment of imagination? His prophecies prove His existence.
  67. Why did Yah divorce Yisra’ĕl and not Judah, even though both commit spiritual harlotry? The whole world is inter-meshed with the fate of both Yisra’ĕl and Judah, and prophecies related to both must be fulfilled until their re-unification in the not too distant future. The focus is maintained throughout history, that Yahshua's prophecies be not forgotten.
  68. What is truth? It is based on an immoveable foundation and originates from the source of Life. In a earthly sphere of understanding, truth revolves around the destiny of Yisra’ĕl and Judah, for Yahshua's will is manifest through His people toward the whole world. We are the apple of His eye and the center of His attention unto His glory. Yahshua enjoys magnifying His own name for His own sake. He creates all, and sustains all, even on the Sabbath days. No other nation or people possess such a close relationship with the Creator. It is His marvellous work to behold.
  69. Is there an attempt to destroy Yisra’ĕl and Judah, and also to extinguish Scriptural truth? As much as demons and wicked men desire that outcome, their predestined schemes will never succeed. Yahshua creates good and evil, and we are His clay, to be fashioned and moulded to fulfill His will, whether unto good or evil. No one can undo what the Creator ordains, and this fact angers Satan and his followers whose destiny will be everlasting punishment in the lake of fire.
  70. What is salvation and how is one saved? It is deliverance from sin and ignorance as Yahshua defines it, and is obtained only by drawing oneself unto Him upon His calling you. Knowledge of His written word is attainable through study, and applied in one's daily life by faith and obedience.
  71. In what manner is sin forgiven? During the Old Covenant era, sin was forgiven by the repetitive sacrifice of certain animals as their life-blood was shed so that repentant sinners could live. In the New Covenant era in which we live, a substitute, most precious, eternal and perfect  Lamb (Yahshua) was sacrificed only once, whose blood was shed for all repentant generations to come. Without the shedding of blood, there is no forgiveness of sins. It is the method chosen by the Creator.
  72. Will animal sacrifice be re-instituted during services performed in the future third Temple, and why? Yes, because those in positions of religious authority have their minds and hearts veiled against the New Covenant, being blind to the truth as foretold by the ancient prophets. A repetition of past sins is occurring and therefore, the blind lead the blind to perdition.
  73. Will the Jews succeed in forming a geographic "Greater Israel" without the support of their Western non-Jewish Yisra’ĕli kinfolk? Already, they are swallowing much more land than was Biblically allotted them as the tribe of Judah, and they fail to acknowledge the rightful inheritance promised to the other non-Jewish Yisra’ĕli tribes, wanting the whole land to themselves. They will soon realize that we "Westeners" will not be denied our rightful inheritance, nor continuously treated as "goyim". Yahshua will rebuke their insolences and will open their eyes to our identity as non-Jewish Yisra’ĕlis but until then, Judah's inflated appetite will be gradually diminished by force and attrition.
  74. How should the Yisra’ĕli nations (the White Caucasian Western peoples) rule the world? By open conquest as in Biblical times, with full and obedient allegiance to the ways of Yah and Yahshua His son, but such is not the case until Yahshua returns as King of kings and Master of masters. There is much internal/external cleansing to be performed, through the baptism of fire and blood, both within Yisra’ĕl and the world at large. Yisra’ĕl should rule as a straight and narrow theocracy based on the Written Word of Yahshua, and not as a demonic system fashioned by the ideals of degenerate men.
  75. Will the current house of Yisra’ĕl (the Western nations) and the house of Judah (Judah) attain and keep as possession a "Greater Yisra’ĕl"? Because they fail to acknowledge and obey the whole New Covenant of Yahshua, their material wealth and military might alone will not suffice to deliver them from their greatest tribulation yet to come, until they cry out to Yahshua for salvation and deliverance from their sins and numerous enemies round-about.
  76. Are the nations of Yisra’ĕl, including the Jews of the Middle-East, morally perfect? They are deprived of the truth and live in sin, and therefore judgement will befall them as it will on all other nations, but at the time of the end when Yahshua returns, He will gather His elect from the four corners of the earth, and will show mercy on His remnant seed, those whose names are not blotted out of the Book of Life.
  77. Educated idiots on earth believe the following underlined is false, based on their self-proclaimed "knowledge of higher learning"...are they misled?
    Yahshua is the Way, the Truth, and the Life. He alone will judge their feeble minds and will abase their arrogance and false pride.
  78. Who is the King and High Priest of Yisra’ĕl and Judah? None other than the Creator Himself, Yahshua.


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